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Yohoooi ,Me, Vusiuz, is back with my once a year journal every 31th January
You can read my previous journals here :
The Art Journey of Vusiuz - Part 1  *When i was 5 years old,my mind was captured by a shape of a scissor and its bright green color...
so i traced it and color it,about 12 scissors with 12 colors, yeah, i used 12 colors snowman marker back then :D, my style consist of abstract geometrical from objects around me...
*5-8, I rarely draw, but i read so many mangas, especially doraemon and other Fujiko.F.Fujio mangas,
my style heavily influenced by them...and this time i usually drew many magical tools and kid's doodles, like a triangle headed stickman, round giant whale,flying box with chicken feet,man eater kaiju etc...they were so surreal but it was very fun...i wish i can go back into that time, when my imagination was still very wild!
*8-10, I made some friends with the same hobby, still heavily influenced by Fujiko F.Fujio + lego...
yes, i play lego and created many thing using that, i made a book that contains many magical tools doodle, it is similar to catalog, but with a children do
The Art Journey of Vusiuz - Part 2

Hi,I am Vusiuz and i am back with my once a year journal
You can read my previous journal here :

Deviantart Gallery

Instagram Gallery

Youtube Gallery

Facebook Gallery

Okay, shut the chit chat and i will review my year 2014 Art journey :D

*January 2014, Skybreaker Project Started
After creating 2D to 3D, decided to make a 3d short animation...the one that i planned in Australia...
So i tried to experi

Once again I will review Journey :D
Works of Vusiuz - 2014 by Vusiuz

*January 2015, A new start
After coming back from a vacation, i started this january with a productivity..
Unfortunately i didn't met the LINE webtoon deadline because i prioritize my freelance than it...
Yeah, because freelance is paid...who want to waste a chance to get more money?
In this month, i only added some characters for Jitenclock, 

I also found a consistent size for gif presentations

Then suddenly my routinity become hectic, and in that stress...these thing was born...

I feel like animal...animal...animal...ahahahahaha....
These are fast modeling-rigging animation that take no more than 3-4 hour to finish

And now i'm working in this Chinese new Year Game asset
I done the rig and animations 

*February 2015, The Not-So-Productive Month
In this month, i worked in a game development named Poka-Poka, but the developer is like
"we dunno what we made, so please help us to improve the graphic"
so i must improve this 
into anything better...anything!

then i made this (still experimenting from the animal style from January)
looks cute eh? but honestly, cuteness is not my cup of tea lol...

You all must see my "improvement plan" before i made that thing

And because the response from developer are sooo soo looong...and i didn't had anything to i decided to create a Poka-Poka my style...
and this kawaii thing is is better than the original eh?
plus some holycrap pinky finger accident happened...
and i made this
Hail holycrab!

 i also continue my Jitenclock Project, 
by re arming my old character with Jitendrium Weapon..
Mera the Multimegaton Punch!

*March 2015, Sketch style!

Like February...i doesn't have any significant thing to do..maybe i had it, but i forgot what project i did, the game development was cancelled, they never contacted again...and they like doesn't know what they in this month, i spent it to sketch sketch something...and i decided, to not only did random sketch, but a series of sketch with i make a sketch of "Jitendrium Weapons" that i decided to model later for my Jitenclock Characters.

Something like these:
did u realize that 1 of these weapon already 3D modeled for 1 of my Jitenclock character?
quess what? ahahaha...

And i also made some sketch from my favourite manhwa back then,
10th Dimension Boys, by Cutbu / Keotbu / 컷부
does anyone know who is this chara?
if not, click the link below...

*April 2015, Experimental Effects!
In my office, i got a duty to become a compositor too, it mean i would have to face color grading, video compositing, editing, effects etc...
but the job wasn't come at i use that time to learn about effects...
thx to Video Copilot,Youtube,
My friend from Jewelry Modeling,

i learn so many things this month...
U know...Internet is like a "Knowledge Database" 
U can easily find any info about technical things
and adapt it into your own once u undertand jow it works...
We are lucky to born in the internet age :D
Masters from the past can createlegendary masterpiece without
internet knowledge and modern hardware...
we must do better if we want to be a legend...
Sadly...usually...artist become a legend after their death ahahaha...

Not only Effects, i also made some JitenClock artwork in this month
I remake my old OC with my improved skill 
And then :iconnicotiine: suggested a "Hammer" weapon
so i draw Jitenweapon sketch...
and then she become Jitendrized..

and act in game wannabe scene...

Thus, this month, my friend :iconarrt90: 
made a fanart for me with his cool vector style...
so i replied him with his OC...Jitendrized!

What a hectic month... and 1 more thing that make me dissapointed now...
i made some of these effect with my own- adapted-technique
after i know how it works from tutorial...
and i have a very bad habit to forget saving my works
after it done akakakaka...and i forgot what i
how did i made these?? is that really me that made these? 

*May 2015, Not so Busy Month..again?
After a hectic April...May become a procrastination month...
Not so many things to do...i made some work for my office, but is procrastinated my own
Too busy playing games and read comics *slapped myself

I made a new logo theme for myself...
(I changed color theme every year,from black white,red green, green white, white gold,and violet-green-blue in 2015)
Maybe this year i will use some dark brown? or still use the same theme ahahaha...
LogoGlitch by Vusiuz 

and continued my effects hope it will useful for my game project

I also learn coding in this month...
Remnant by Vusiuz
fighting game...somewhat like this...i feel sad to remember it..

*June 2015, Very unproductive Month...
Nothing important i did this month...

I just remake old things...and edited random pics...akakaka

*July 2015, Must-NOT-LAZY-ANYMORE!!
June was so so unproductive, i realized that i didn't made anything useful that month, so in this month, i must do something!!
I started to learn 3D modeling tools that i hate very much...Zbrush...

The target is "Create cute sculpt in Zbrush!"
and these abominations was born..
Left is the target...Right is the thing made by me...

i flipped table once again for Zbrush and back to coordinate traditional modeling...
And i have an idea inspired from DOTA2 and Monster Rancher 2 character preview... 
to make some turnaround of my Jitendrium Clockwork characters 

and i made these...

Also some New JitenClock Characters 
(Not so new actually, only old OC,Jitendrized!)
and this is the answer of March Sketches

In addition,i learned about some Dynamic Rigging like this:

By the way..after i uploaded these turnaround...
some people asked me 
"Could we get turnaround animation like these too?"

Me...that time...broke...have an artblock...
and need some relaxation from my game coding learning...
decided to Open a global Deviantart...
(Usually i open commission locally to my friend/client/students only)

And 1st Commission Work was done :D
Nix The Water Sprite Faybell!

Not so Long after that...

My 2nd Commission work also done!
Orb Girl - Qamra by Vusiuz Orb Girl - Qamra by Vusiuz
Qamra the Orb Girl!

Fortunately the commissions are still in line with my Dynamic Rigging Study,
I applied it on the Tail and Hair :D

*August 2015, Ipochan, Cousin Wedding & Journey To The Borobudur , Marooned
Back then, a character named IPO-chan become viral in my Country, it is a Gijinka + sarcasm from a
stupid censorship program of my country...
so i made a fanart of her..
It blocks all funny websites, such as p*rn, m*ngas, Redd*t,
img*rl,Hamster...(IYKWIM) even V*meo..
WTF mate? Such a stupid goverment...

I also made a new project named "Marooned"
and created these : 
Sneak Peek Marooned Trilogy Project by Vusiuz

and then i went to "Semarang" for my cousin wedding...

From barren lands,gloomy field..mountains...
I arrive at Semarang...
and meet a Ghost..
then eat foods!
and attend the wedding with my families :D

Before i Back to Jakarta, I went to World Heritage site, Borobudur Temple
So many inspirations i got from there...

*September 2015, Marooned Month...
In this Month i spent more time to develop Marooned more than anything,

I created 3 Characters from my model sheet,

after a polling, people like the goat more,
so i added more goats for you all!

Plus some style test, ispired by Kungfu Panda 2 Opening,
I create a style using Indonesian Wayang (Shadow Puppet), Modernized...

I also Made some Commissions Back then :D
some random works...
and some random tutrollials (guide to make it...)

 a Fan art:

Then the maker also giving me Fan art :D

*October 2015, Marooned Development, Jitendrium Clockwork, And Commishes
This Month i worked in 3 Project at once...

I developed Marooned...

And Jitenclock...
Thus Still did some commishes...
Enough said for this month...Creating projects become my Routinity 

Eh wait, i went into Mount Bromo and Whispering Sands back then ahahaha...

Did you realized that is the real place reference for Lauha Metal Desert
from my Jitenclock Project?
Jitendrium Clockwork - Facebook Cover by Vusiuz

*November 2015, Devastating Data lost
In this month, My Hard attacked by a malware because i tried to download an android games from untrusted sites...
It installed some weird thing on my pc...destroyed my system...and made my Hard drive exploded...
I backed up my newest data on dropbox...But some important old datas are lost...because the back up drive is only a partition in the same drive...
I lost my Jitendrium clockwork game, i lost my undergreen story project, and i lost all my works before 2015...
If i meet the malware creator, i will throw them into the meat mincer...GROAAAAAAA

Luckily, i sometimes bring my data to office, so some data are saved,and some small biweekly update in dropbox also helped...
and this month...
i only do commishes and marooned (animation process)

And my friend made me a fanart,
i get some encouragements after data lost :D

*December 2015, Marooned again...

My Yearend month are spent to make Marooned...and prepared for my pseudo hoenymoon with my partner :D
Thus the Marooned already come into a teaser trailer...
and i made Saitama Sensei too...

*January 2016, Heartbroken again and trying to move on...
I spent my New year with my partner family in Bali...We also spent our time together,
just 2 of us to go to Mountains, Temples, and many other beautiful places...
Her family is very warm and welcomed me (her sister is my friend too) ,
i enjoyed the holiday with Her...

I propose a commitment to her...

And she answered :
"What if i don't want it? what will you do?",
"Sorry I can't",
"I only think you as a friend"

Then i replied:
"Sorry, i can't be your friend anymore"

And i left her in Bali...ahahahaha...WTF..after all what we done...
and she only think me as a friend with benefit...
Fake hope...fake evrything...Friendzone at it best after LOL...
and she also never contacted me again..but i still talked to her family :D

 in spite of that,my life still goes on...
I decided to do commishes to moving on
and be productive to forget about that girl...
wtf..she wasted my time...

This month Marooned animations are completed, 

Only 1 commish done
I did some random sketches
And i done random animation to teach my students..

I hope this year will become a better year for my career as an artist,
because i decided that i will quit art if i haven't get a success at 2017,
And become a culinary business guy and come back into mu home...
i life in a rent room, and never come back home, only back if urgent things happened,
my family doesn't understand art,and it seems they would never understand, so i feel i doesn't belong there...
I belong here...thank to you all give me a duty and an encouragement to chase my dream...
I also hope it will become a year that will give us a new experiences to level up mentally and materially :D
Thus..i hope it would be a good year to get a new partner,then get a happy ending + escaped friendzone trap *eh..ahahaha
And escaped the sugar and caffeine addiction...

And in this journey, i want to thanks to some artist that inspire and helped me directly or indirectly, 
their artworks or attitude influenced me when i searching for my art style and meaning of my life :P
They are:
And many more artist that maybe i forgot to write ahahaha...
Some of them may don't know me ,but i just want to say thank you very much to them..they inspire me and helped me to improve on my journey...
And my journey still continues....
Works of Vusiuz - 2015 by Vusiuz

And for anyone reading this, 
feel free to contact me, i have a hope that we can inspire each other :D

But i'm a lil bit introvert...

so sometimes i become a lil bit shy with a new people or replying late :/
But i will try to reply A.S.A.P :D

Contacts for chit-chat about anything:

Email :
(Rarely Online)

Skype : Vusiuz
(Rarely Online)

Facebook : Vusiuz & Vusiuzrender
(Online Everyday)

Line: Vusiuzrender
(Online Everyday)

Deviantart: Vusiuz
(Online Once per 2 days, Weekend if doesn't go to somewhere)

By the way...what is wrong with DA Journal...15Kb data is counted more than 60kb and it become lag...
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi
  • Watching: Galileo Galilei - Aoi Shiori MV
  • Playing: Clash Of Clan & Mini Warriors
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Mineral Water


Vusiuz's Profile Picture
Albert "Aru" K.I
Artist | Film & Animation

Yohoi...My name is Albert K.I , some people call me Aru,Ruki,Bert, Bet,Aruki,Vusiuz,
or whatever they want.
I am just a still desperately improving 3D Artist who currently freelancing or do my personal projects at night.
However, the realities is i browsed deviantart,read manga or chat at night.
My daily food consist warteg and padang foods.
In addition, i have faith in almighty helpers including google,wikipedia and youtube. Also,i have been learning how to unleash Kamehame and Hadouken since 5 yr Old...Very interested with character design, but doesn't have a time and skill to draw properly:la:

Served as a servant of Lord WC, he summon me everyday to do a shitty ritual. I also very weak at "bed-high-gravity- zone", i swear, these beds are made using the same technology as Goku's gravity chamber. Usually,i feel pressed to the bed every morning by the 20x gravity and it is so hard to stand up..

I want to become demigod, so i pray...& I want happiness, so i play...I eat anything to survive, but sometimes i got food poisoning..
I am a lazy idealist,with efficient and absolute time management ritual and i also kinda hard to communicate with new people..

Sleep-Dreaming-Working-Improving-Survive-cycle is my daily routine
i have a profession as an 3D Artist and did some projects for living...
That give me money to live.
This mean

My ultimate goal is to unleash kamehame/ hadouken or splitting a mountain with 1 kick
*nothing is impossible,they said, just believe,they said*
I love all about Nature,Flowers,Martial Art - 3D - and Arts
Ah, I love animals too..because they are just delicious :sprint:



Notification for hiatus:

Would be offline from deviantart until 3 July,
Reason :
- I'm joining one of the biggest human migration activity called "mudik"
- Not bringing my PC around
- Internet signal is still hard to get in the deep deep area
- I'm moving from my old rent room next month,
- need maybe a week to apply new internet because the internet staff and new place security also migrating..

By the way i'm curious...and somewhat guilty..and want to ask some things too

1. Is my reply often too late and make you all irritated?
2. What is your tips to keep the communications with friends good in deviantarts and others? (Watcher is all friend)
3. Sometimes i'm late at reading the message, so i'm intriqued to reply it...because it already around 1 months...
I usually replying,better late than not...but somewhat i also feel guilty :/
4. Does anyone have a tips to manage online time at DA? Because i'm working at the morning - evening..and DA is blocked in my office :/, maybe because it contain some nsfw contents,
I'm at home on 8PM and do some activites like eating, bathing etc, sometimes too tired to online...

5. But i decided to resign next i can focus in my art career..but it is a good choice? Because my income would be reduced around 50%?, But my speed would be raised around 200%

6. I decided to make patreon, and i dont know what must i do with it..huehuehuehue

I hope i can post this,signal is fluctuating :0

Thanks you all of my friends
My god..
What is wrong with this city...
- Bigotry
- Racism
- Gangster kids who have an initiation ceremony by slashing people randomly on the road
- Terrorist suicide bombing...

3rd day of the week and many scary things already happened


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